FatMarker Co-Owners, Jason Layman and Julius Vaughn

About Us

Since 2017, FatMarker Clothing has provided unique and original designs for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. Founded on a belief that being too much is a good thing, the goal of the company has remained a simple one: to take those negatives that others might perceive about us and turn them into positives... being un-apologetically ourselves. Our brand has consistently stood strong in these words: be loud, be proud, be too much and be you... solidifying that our brand is for everyone.

Now, with that being said, what do you write for an “About Us” that’s not going to absolutely bore you to tears? Well, thinking about it, usually this space would be filled with a “Meet Jason” or a “Meet Julius,” but for all intents and purposes, do you really care? Now, don’t get us wrong, they’re great guys... and they’re the reason that FatMarker even exists. But enough of that, you’re here because you’re looking for something unique and different, something in your size, and something that’s going to bring you the best of attention each and every time you wear it.

So, this “About Us” is going to be filled with the things you really want to hear: Yes! We have sizes up to 5XL. Yes! Our models and customers are real people and not just the guys and gals that you see in your local gay bar or magazines. Yes we have customers worldwide! Yes we have more than t-shirts... and yes... you help us to define the story of who we, as a brand, are!

In our eyes, everyone of you is FM rated! That’s the FM Movement! As we said up top... Be loud. Be proud. Be too much. But most importantly, be you!

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