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This past weekend, FatMarker Jason, myself and our good friend, FatMarker Will (along with everyone at the Tidal Wave 2019 Party) celebrated the first weekend of Pride month by spending time with old friends and new. We invaded Orlando, Florida with shirts, hats, and 100 FatMarker branded pink beach balls for the swimming pool.

On Saturday morning, I received a text message from our friend, who is on the board of St. Petersburg Pride (who was one of the Tidal Wave sponsors this year). He asked, "Is FatMarker really releasing 1000 beach balls to flood the pool today?" I responded, "Lol. No. There are just 100." His response, "Rumor Mill: some guys in the vendor market are talking about how FatMarker is releasing 1000 beach balls, and I was like... that's a lot of blowing!" Hahaha! I'll take it! My response should have been, "1000? More like 2000!" You can watch the video of me above, hitting some of the beach balls out into the crowd.

There were a lot of good memories made at this year's event. One thing that was a little different, was that the Tidal Wave party for bears/chubs/chasers and the One Magical Weekend party (which isn't normally for bear/chubs/chasers) were combined into one at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon. For the most part, everyone got along and had a great time. The only incident I partook in was that a group of young gays were walking into the bathroom while I was walking out. One said, "I can't believe they combined the parties this year. It's causing cross-contamination." My response to him, "It's more like cross-pollination. We all can get along and make something beautiful here." Hopefully those words sank in.

I then proceeded to loose my swim trunks in the wave pool when the big wave crashed into me.

Until next time, FMs! Let us know how you celebrated the first weekend of Pride where you are.

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