• FatMarker_Julius

13 Treats for 13 Days

When I was growing up, all childish things were cut off at the age of 13: Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, and Halloween. When I turned that age, I went from dressing up and going around the neighborhood to being the one on door duty, handing out the candy for all of the trick-or-treaters. Years later, when I embraced who I was (including being a gay man), I hung a Christmas stocking back in my parents' house, held egg dying parties before Easter (and subsequently enjoyed a different kind of basket), and started to dress up for Halloween again.

So, this year, in celebration of being too much and embracing exactly who I am, I wanted to bring the #13DAYSOFHALLOWEEN countdown to FatMarker. One more day to go, with the best treat out of all of the days. My Halloween spirited wish is that each of you will enjoy it. And, if you haven't dressed up for the holiday yet, you still have two days. Go out there and be too much, FMs! And don't forget to check out the Day 13 treat tomorrow!

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