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And it's a Fla-Ming-Going... Going... Gone

FatMarker Will, FatMarker Jason & Cover Bear Aubrey

After 10 years of Sunday T-dances, 10 years of bear events, 10 years of drag shows, 10 years of simply making wonderful memories, the Flamingo Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida has shut its doors.

We were fortunate enough to take part in the Final Party yesterday, along with some of our staff and favorite Cover Bears. The music was pumping, the pool was full, and the rum buckets were flowing! What's a rum bucket? It's a giant cup with a handle that the bartender fills all the way to the rim with rum... and then just a splash of mixer. Tee hee!

But... no more. However, even though the doors have been closed, we will still cherish the memories that we were able to make there: stopping by after an afternoon at the gay beach on a Sunday, dancing in the dark at the leather bar to heavy bass beats, watching a newly crowned Jinxx Monsoon take the stage, crowding beneath the Cabana Bar during a rainstorm and meeting new friends over rum buckets. Haha!

Let us know your thoughts about the Flamingo closing. Post in the comments below.

Goodbye Flamingo! We will miss you!

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