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Balcony? It's the only way to Parade!

This past Saturday, March 30th, was Pride here in Tampa, FL! And Jason and myself made sure to have a front row "seat" on the balcony of local Ybor City favorite: The Honey Pot. If you haven't watched a parade from a balcony, mark it down as something that you would like to do. I highly recommend. Not only are you out of the crowd, but you have your own personal bar, bathrooms... and it wouldn't have been a party without a buffet!

I would like to thank the Honey Pot staff, along with Balance Tampa Bay, who hosted this annual event.

What is one of your favorite things about Pride in your city? I know that we were honored and humbled to see a lot of our designs being worn during the celebration. Jason also debuted our Banana Daddy drawstring bag, which was a big hit.

We'd love to hear about your time at Tampa Pride, or at Pride wherever you live. Leave us a comment below.

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