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Beads! Beads! Beads!

If you live in Tampa or New Orleans, then you have "bead catch'n" in your blood. Whether you're a pirate for the day at Gasparilla, or you're donning green, purple and gold during Mardi Gras, the one thing that you have in common is the catching, throwing and most importantly, the collection of beads!

That's just the tip of the iceberg through, FMs. In both of these cities, these events are just the culmination or the kickoff of parade season. If there's a parade, there are beads. And the more beads around your neck, the better you have done. That may have involved flashing certain body parts to get the bigger and flashier beads, or you may have just caught that certain float rider's eye and caught a string of hearts that were meant directly for you.

Whatever the case, the beads accumulate really fast. So, this year, we decided to help all of you out with that. Introducing our Got Beads? throw/collection bag!

When those beads get to much to have hanging around your neck, simply toss them in this drawstring backpack and make your world a much lighter and breathable place.

So, what celebrations are you attending this year? And, will we see you at either Mardi Gras, Gasparilla or both?

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