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Being Festive with Bear World Magazine

Yes, that's me on the cover! Everyone here at FatMarker is just OVER THE MOON, FMs! You can read the full article at

But, I wanted to take this moment to write out our story, for those of you who might be wondering exactly who we are. So, twas the night before Wednesday... just kidding:

FatMarker Clothing is a lifestyle brand that emphasizes what we call the "too muchness" in us all. As a company, we embrace the negatives that we've each heard throughout our lives... you're too fat, you're too loud, you're too quiet, you're too weird, and the list goes on... basically, that we're all too much. Well, we celebrate all of those things in ourselves and our customers, turning them into positives. That's why our company motto is: Be loud. Be proud. Be too much. Be you!

One of the ways we do this is through offering original designs in sizes small through 5X. It's very important to us that the pricing on the sizes is the same, no matter what size you are. If it's a $22 t-shirt and you're a medium, it's still a $22 t-shirt if you're a 5X. We have purposely not marked up our prices for larger sizes, as we don't think you should be penalized for who you are and/or your size.

Another way that we do this is that our models are everyday people, whether they're our customers, friends or supporters of the brand, further emphasizing that our designs are for everyone and every lifestyle. We call these individuals our Cover Bears. February 2nd of 2020 will mark our third year in business, and we've had individuals from Canada, the UK, Italy, Germany and right here in the U.S. ask to model our designs, and they have. Similarly, in 2018, we co-sponsored the Last Day of Summer Party at Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach, California with Kub Kamp, and continually sponsor and participate in parties throughout the Tampa Bay area. We're also proud to be a sponsor and supporter of the Chubs Gone Wild podcast out of Sacramento, California.


Founded by Jason Layman and Julius Vaughn (little ole me) in Tampa, Florida, the company was an idea that Jason had after practicing tattooing with a tattoo kit that he had received over the holidays. He drew a design of a chubby bear talking on the phone, showed it to Julius, and asked Julius if he thought people would buy something like that? On a t-shirt? Julius's answer was yes, a decision made easily on the fact that he, as a larger bear himself, wasn't having any luck finding cute t-shirts in his size, especially in a variety of colors. They both agreed that starting the company would provide a solution to the need that Julius had, and which was one most likely felt by others. Jason got to work on designing, and Julius's marketing wheels started to turn. Well, jump forward one month after that, and that particular design first appeared on a young bear in Italy, as the newly founded FatMarker's first sale.

Since that time, FatMarker's designs have embraced a series of muses: Siren (, Gypsum (, Obsidian ( and Glacier (, a nod to Japanese chibi art with what our customers like to call the FatMarker fairies: Extra Life Mate for example (, and numerous other styles and fun with words tees ( that reflect each and every one of our own personalities and lifestyles. 

We now offer t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, and accessories that include klack'n fans, and our designs have appeared in places such as the Tom Goss music video for Round In All the Right Places (, the Shirtless Violinist music video for Perfect (, and on Icelandic television in An Evening with Jono Duffy ( Likewise, FatMarker stickers can be found worldwide, from the Olympic stadium in London to overlooking the Brazilian coast. 

And here we are now, FMs: over the moon!

Much FM Love,

FatMarker Julius