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Christmas Cards Against Humanity

2019 FatMarker Christmas Card on the Tree at Christoph's Tampa

Even just a few years ago, the art of sending and receiving Christmas cards was still alive and well. We would find that perfect box of cards at the local drug store, make them out (getting a hand cramp while doing so), seal and add postage, and proceed to fight the crowds in the post office to get them mailed. Today... well, our office has received one card. Sign of the times? On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, will our DMs be filled with holiday greetings? Don't know yet. However, all of that being said, is still a little disheartening that this is where we are in today's world. Now, not saying that we want to string popcorn and cranberries and drape them on the tree... but you get what we're saying.

In 2019, we're left wondering (much like Faith Hill)... where are you Christmas?

We try our best though, to be filled with the Christmas spirit. Here's a video of this month's Club Chub party, which we were happy and honored to be a part of:

So, how is your holiday season going, FM? Pour us a tall cold glass of milk and put out the cookies, because FatMarker Claus is ready to Ho Ho Ho!

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FatMarker Julius & the FatMarker Office Team

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