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Coming Out Wednesdays!

On Wednesday, February 13th, we join forces with The Kennedy Boutique Lounge in Tampa, Florida to bring all of you FMs "Coming Out Wednesdays" featuring our dear friend and popular drag performer, Ms. Daisy Rae Welch!

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Daisy likes to describe herself as a camp queen in the body of a six foot plus linebacker. You can check her out here:

This is the first time that FatMarker has been honored and excited to actually take on the role of "powering" a party where the sponsors are Absolute Vodka and Tampa Pride! We want to thank Kevin Crocker and Brandon Arik of The Kennedy for all of their hard work and efforts in helping us to make this a reality.

So, if you're one of our Tampa FMs, we look forward to seeing you every Wednesday at The Kennedy. Be sure to take plenty of pictures, say hello, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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