• FatMarker_Julius

Fit... to be tied? Perfect... fit? Gett'n up in my fit...ness?

Jason and I are often asked one question, when it comes to our shirts: how do they fit?

Well, we did our research, and settled on the Bella Canvas brand of shirt. This means that they are soft, true to fit with just a little wiggle room, and for you taller FMs out there, just a little longer as the sizes go higher.

This was and is very important to us, as we want to make sure that all of you FMs out there are happy with your selections. I personally test most of our products, and as a 3X sized individual, I've always felt comfortable wearing them. I mean, just look at me in that picture there! Haha! #narcissist

So, now before I'm fit to be tied... I best get the fit out of here for today. Fit fit fit! Lol!

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