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Fully Vax'd & Feeling Too Much (Just Like We Like It)

The world is starting to open back up, FMs! Now more than ever, it's time to express who we are... why we're too much... and why that's not only important... but why that's FABULOUS!

As Broadway starts to sell tickets again, as musical performers are booking shows, so are we venturing back out to our favorite hangouts, our favorite beaches, and above all else... venturing out to be together with our friends and those we love.

Everyone here at FatMarker is excited to have signed our newest featured artist, Spencer P. Meyers! Have you checked out his collection yet?

We are excited to have made new friends not only close to home but worldwide! For that, we are extremely humbled and grateful.

Hope everyone is doing well, and we look forward to seeing everyone very soon! Oh... and pick yourself up some FatMarker goodness before we do.

Oh! And P.S. the 2021 honorees for this year's FatMarker Excellence in Being Too Much have been chosen!!! Keep your eyes out!

FatMarker Julius & Team

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