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Help Us to Celebrate by Giving Back

Three years ago today, February 1, 2017, Jason and I launched FatMarker Clothing. We didn't know anything about running our own business, but we knew that we had a good idea and a cause that we were passionate about. We wanted to provide a voice for all of us in the LGBTQ+ and supporting community that may have been stifled for one reason or another: mainly, being our own self-saboteurs.

Well, through the use of creative and original designs, t-shirts began to be printed... and here we are now.

As we officially enter Year 4 today, we are excited to celebrate by asking all of you to help us to give back. We have brought one of our original designs, Unicorn, out of the vault, and we've placed it on a coffee mug:

From now through 12/31/20, we will donate $1 US of the proceeds of each mug sold (after taxes) to The Trevor Project. Don't know who they are? Visit their page here:

And on a personal note, Jason and I would like to THANK each and every one of you who have supported FatMarker and continue to do so.

In a way, this is your anniversary too! Happy anniversary, you FM, you!


FatMarker Julius

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