• FatMarker_Julius

How are you doing out there, FMs?

We wanted to take a moment and check in with all of you FMs out there. First of all, THANK YOU for your continued support of FatMarker! We are working diligently to bring a smile to your faces, and to keep orders processed and fulfilled. Delays in shipping are expected at this time, but shipments are going out. But enough about us... well, except for the fact that we're ALWAYS HUNGRY! Haha!

Second, THANK YOU to all of you FMs out there on the front lines: health workers, food workers, grocers, and all essential workers! Please know that you are appreciated. All the FM love to you heroes!

And finally, THANK YOU to all of you staying at home, whether working or discovering new hobbies or binge-watching the Tiger King on NetFlix like we did!

Everyone, keep being too loud, too proud, too much, and most importantly being you!

xoxo FatMarker Julius & FatMarker Jason

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