• FatMarker_Julius

I Don't Belong in a Cage...

No matter how beautiful I am.

Ellen DeGeneres

Hey there, FMs! You may have noticed a new look to our website. Let us know what you think? We've put a lot of thought into it.

Even though we may be staying at home, we are doing our best to represent all of you, exemplifying the importance of being too much! One example is my participation in my friend Tom Goss' new music video for his song, "Dancing in My Room." Have you seen it yet? There are three different versions, incorporating different languages and eleven different artists. I've posted it here, in case you haven't yet.

We were also VERY EXCITED this week to introduce our fifth FatMarker muse to all of you: Onyx! The FatMarker muses are extensions of our inspirations and personalities... simply, there are different aspects of each and every one of us... the "too muchness" that makes us distinctly ourselves.

And lastly, we love hearing from all of you. Even during this time, the FatMarker Movement is strong! Keep sending us pictures of you in your favorite FatMarker wear. But most importantly, keep being YOU!

Have any questions too? Just drop into our DMs.


FatMarker Julius