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FatMarker Inspired Tattoo
FM Chris in the UK - Siren for Life

There is no bigger honor than to have someone want to commemorate your hard work and endeavors by having that dream permanently added to a part of themselves. Of course I'm talking about tattoos.

FatMarker Inspired Tattoo
FM Finneas in the US - Devil for Life

Getting a tattoo is a serious decision (well, for most). If you're me, you might just have gotten drunk one night in Philadelphia and walked into a tattoo parlor wanting some tribal diamonds on your back. But, I digress (insert wink here).

Our series of muses (Siren, Gypsum, Obsidian and Glacier) are close in style to the American Traditional style of tattooing. So, when one of you FMs asks us if you can get one of our designs added to part of your canvas, it's a perfect fit! We are beyond excited!

Do you have any tattoos? What's your favorite FatMarker design that you could see tattooed on yourself or someone else? Let us know.

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