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It's Summer... and We Out Here Vibin!

FatMarker Cover Bear: Brandon Meyers

Pool parties! The beach! Pool and beach parties! They're all happening again! And don't get me started on "if you're fully vaccinated" circuit parties... we'll, you can get me started, because I had a BLAST at Pensacola Pride!

As a large man, I knew that going into the parties, that I was going to be the odd one out. What do I mean? I mean that I knew that I was going to be the only man of size at the party. I was going to be the fat one, and I was A-OK with that! Some years ago, I decided that I wasn't going to hide any longer. I wasn't going to not take my shirt off. I wasn't going to not talk to people, etc. You get the picture. I decided that I was going to be my normal, funny, sexy and fierce self... and if someone didn't like it... well, that was their problem. Not mine. And you know what happened after I made that decision? I dropped preconceived notions of my own and actually got to know people for who they were and not by what I thought they were. As I gave them a chance to get to know me, I was also given the chance to get to know them.

Basically, it doesn't matter what size you are... if you work out or not (and the list goes on)... you have to give people a chance to get to know them... and vice-versa. Since then, I've made some true and genuine connections with people that I wouldn't have otherwise... all because I was too scared to be myself and actually look beyond what social norms told me that certain groups of individuals were like. But, I digress... back to the circuit party. I went into the weekend with the outlook that... I'm going to be the only big guy here... and I don't care! I'm going to have fun, take my shirt off (after a suitable time of modeling my FatMarker designs around the dance floor... haha), and DANCE! And boy did I dance! I danced for three nights straight!

My friend Paul and I at Pensacola Pride - No shirt for me!

And do you know that happened? I made new friends. Friends from Dallas, friends from Atlanta, friends from Los Angeles... friends from all over. One of the folks who were working the parties actually told me that I was a joy to watch. That I exuded happiness... so much so, that she caught herself singing along to the songs and dancing!

So, if you ever needed an example of what we mean when we say FatMarker wants us to be loud, be proud and be too much... and most importantly to be ourselves... well, reader, this it it!

Now... it's time to go work on this little tan of mine... cause I'm going to go out and SHINE!


FatMarker Julius