• FatMarker_Julius

It's Time to get EMPRESSive, FMs!

Something amazing happened this past weekend, FMs! Well, it's a something that's been in the works for a few weeks now, but Sunday was the day that everything came to fruition: we are beyond proud and excited to be a sponsor and to be partnered with the Miss National Bearded Empress Pageant!

Why the partnership? Well, National Bearded Empress is dedicated to the Art of Bearded Drag. Sound familiar? Just take a look at our FatMarker muses. The Miss National Bearded Empress Pageant is held annually to crown a new title holder, to take her place among the already set court of bearded royalty. Upon coronation, this new title holder rules for one year as National Bearded Empress, until such time that she then relinquishes her title, and embraces her newly given emeritus status. And as you know, with FatMarker, we have always stood as an example of this type of bearded art and beauty. So this partnership has definitely been one in the making, and we're OVER THE MOON to start getting "EMPRESS-ive!"

Take a look at the current emeritus title holders: Morgan Davis - Emeritus de Acté, Bearonce Bear - Emeritus de la Pensée, and Joey Gallagher - Emeritus la Voix.

And now, to show your support, you can get your official National Bearded Empress by FatMarker tees on our website:

The pageant is March 30-31st! And, it's going to be AH-MAAAAA-ZING!!!

Who will you be routing for?


FatMarker Julius