• FatMarker_Julius

Of Skull Buddies and ManCakes

FM Corey P. and FatMarker Jason at the NeiBEARhood Takeover Party in Ybor City

Last night, FatMarker Jason and I packed up our display, promo items and shirts and rejoined the NeiBEARhood Takeover party at Southern Nights here in Tampa, something we haven't done since February of this year. We had a great time, and it was good to see everyone. Thanks to Tim Timberly and Southern Nights for putting it all together!

I wanted to point out a couple of things that just made both Jason and I smile and feel very thankful. This is a perfect example of what we call The FM Movement in action:

1. A new friend of FatMarker, Martin, bought a Siren tee. He said that he chose this design because it was, "iconic FatMarker." He further went onto explain that he wanted a shirt that spoke to who we were as a company, as he had been following us for some time. #IconicFatMarker

2. We were congratulated on our nomination for Tampa Pride Grand Couple for 2020. I wasn't going to say anything (I knew), but seems like the word is getting around. Both Jason and I are very humbled and appreciative to be nominated. We are strong supporters of Tampa Pride, as we're both Tampa Bay Area natives (me from Tampa, and Jason from Clearwater).

3. I was asked by another new friend and supporter of FatMarker, Samuel, if I would take a picture with him. I felt like a true gaylebrity. He explained that he follows us on social media, owns a Salty tank (which is one of his favorites), and just wanted us to know how much he loves FatMarker. I was delighted, of course, to take the selfie with him... and again very thankful.

Me with our new friend and FM, Samuel. Thanks for the selfie!

There were a few more moments, but I wanted to share the above three with all of you. As for the title of this installment? It's a reference to our two most popular designs last night. Do you have your Golden ManCakes or Skull Buddy tee yet?

That being said, what moments would you like to share with us? How have you experienced the FatMarker Movement?

Until next time,

FatMarker Julius