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On the Radio.. Whoa Oh Oh Oh!

Hey FMs! Have you heard me and Jason (aka FatMarker_Jason) on So Basic Podcast yet?

Our good friends at BKNCreative, Kevin and Brandon Tydlaska-Dziedzic, have brought us together with Marissa Moran (of Hair and Makeup by Marissa Moran) to record a bi-weekly podcast... where we have a conversation on those things that we're all passionate about... the basic things in life.

Kevin is our host, Marissa leads a segment on everything pop culture (including RuPaul's Drag Race) called "Listen Queen", I head a segment titled "Fanny Pack'n with Julius" where I answer all of your questions, and Brandon rounds us out with a segment called "Preach," where he rants about something that just might not be right at the moment. Jason keeps us all well rounded, and pipes in when the mood hits him.

Send me your questions in the comments below. I bet I have a story for them.

And follow So Basic Podcast at

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