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T-Gives & Turkey

Cover Bear: David Kreush

This week, FMs, we celebrate Thanksgiving, which I've just overheard called "T-Gives." Not going to lie, I'm not mad at that. This whole month, everyone here at FatMarker has been celebrating this season of THANKS, by recognizing those special individuals who have been supporting us since Day 1 (or close there to it). And as we're in our final week, I wanted to take this time to really lay out what T-Gives means to me: TURKEY!!!

Well... it's more than just turkey. T-Gives means being thankful for our friends, our customers, our followers, our supporters, and of course the entirety of our FatMarker family (the FatMarker Movement aka all of you).

As part of all that, last week, I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with our newest Cover Bear, David K. (pictured above). It was a fun session, and he's totally good with being everyone's Sunday FunBae. In fact, I've already had a couple of comments on who the hot guy in the tank top is. You're a natural, David! We are thankful for you!

And that being said, we are THANKFUL for every one of you!

Look for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming in the following week.

Until then, Happy T-Gives!


FatMarker Julius

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