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That's a Sticky Banana... Daddy

When Jason and I first started FatMarker in 2017, we decided to print out some stickers of our original designs, and send them all around the world. Those stickers can now be found in the US, Iceland, the UK, Australia, the Bahamas and Canada... among other places.

Well, we decided to start that practice up again. So joining the ranks of Slushie Queen and MerBear, Banana Daddy is now on the scene! The video above is one of our favorite local drag artists, Sir Meow, who we ran into on a night out last weekend... and well... it was a drive by stickering! Haha!

As we're progressing along in the third year of our business, we determined (like most of us do) that some things that aren't broke don't need fixing. So, if you see a Cover Bear out and about, don't be surprised if you get a little something stuck on you.

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