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We're BIG in Iceland!

Just after Jason and I launched FatMarker Clothing a little over two years ago, we were messaged by a gentleman in Iceland named Jono Duffy. He loved our designs, and ended up buying half of our then existing catalog!

Turned out, Jono was not only a fan and customer, he was a comedian, actor, and producer originally from Australia who had made the move to Reykjavik to continue with his career. In Iceland, he started the fist LGBT comic strip (Bruce the Bear), and ended up producing Iceland's entry for Eurovision the second year he was there. With Jono as a customer, Jason and I joked... hey, we're big in Iceland!

Fast forward, and Jono and his boyfriend, Natan, made the trip all the way to Florida this past week to see Fleetwood Mac in concert and to stop in and have lunch with me. They were and are both wonderful, funny, kind and genuine: the true epitome of the FM Movement! Jason and I can't wait to visit them in Iceland and continue to spread the FatMarker love. We understand that our Slushie Queen stickers are everywhere there. Yaaaaaas, Jono and Natan!

P.S. BIG THANKS to our friends Kevin and Brandon, who put those stickers around Reykjavik during their trip there last year.

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