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You've Got Male!

Well... with our 2019 Summer Splash photo shoot, you've actually got 8 males! That's me and my husband, FatMarker Jason, pictured above. We had the best time during this shoot, under the expert eye of our friend and (among many other talents) photographer, Kevin Tydlaska-Dziedzic.

We can't wait for you to see the photos. They'll be introduced over the next few weeks, including some of your favorite Cover Bears: Will, Aubrey, Brian, JJ and introducing Brandon!

The weekends of Summer are quickly approaching, and now's the time to select that favorite FatMarker tee or tank (or even towel) that you've had your eye on. Don't be caught at the pool or the beach without it.

Also, we'll be at the official Tidal Wave party again this year in Orlando, Florida. We've got a little surprise for the attendees, and we're excited to see friends once more, old and new!

Oh well... time to get SPLASHING AROUND town!

Until next time... wish you were here!


FatMarker Julius

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